Why Post High Quality Feet Pictures/Videos Even Before Selling

To get the best result from Feetify and to get buyers really connecting with and buying from you, make sure you post your high quality feet pictures and/or videos, even before anyone buys from you

Yes, you read that right. Don’t post low quality pictures or videos.

If you post low quality ones, you may not get buyers interested enough to buy your customized pictures.

It’s usually the customized versions of your feet pictures and/or videos that the buyers are really interested in paying money for… as well as having to be able to connect and communicate with you.

Keep reading to see why you should post high quality pictures and videos, why you get paid by Feetify and some samples of high quality pictures to help with creating yours.


Buyers Can Get Best Quality Pictures/Videos for FREE Online, so why buy yours?

Let’s explain… 

Yes, feet lovers can get high quality feet pictures of the most beautiful models with beautiful feet for free online, so why should they pay money for yours, right?

If you don’t believe that they can get the most beautiful feet pictures and even videos online for free, then just visit any popular adult site and search for “feet”.

You will be presented with the most beautiful feet pictures from the most beautiful models, all for free.

So, why would buyers pay for yours when they can get these pictures online for free?

Well, they WILL PAY FOR YOURS if they are able to connect and communicate with you… and if they are able to buy customized versions of your pictures and/or videos. 


Buyers Will Pay YOU For What They Can’t Get On The Free Adult Sites

Genuine buyers can’t connect nor communicate with the models they see on such popular adult sites and they certainly can’t ask to buy customized feet pictures and/or videos of these models.

But they CAN, with YOU, within the right platform such as FEETIFY.COM!

What’s missing for feet lovers isn’t just feet pictures or videos….

As we said they can get the best quality pictures online for free. What’s missing is being able to have customized feet pictures and videos exactly as they want.

It could be as simple as:

  • Color of the nail polish they want you to wear in the pictures/videos
  • Type of shoe they want you to wear in the pictures/videos
  • Particular pose they want you to do in the pictures/videos
  • ETC

That’s what they can’t get from the free online feet pictures!

That’s what they can get from you…

And that’s why they pay you on FEETIFY!

That’s the SECRET we have discovered from connecting buyers and sellers for YEARS now! And that’s why we have built this social site for you to use in connecting, communicating and selling to the real buyers.

The real buyers you will connect with on this site will view your pictures and/or videos and will pay you for customized versions.

Some will even give you cash gifts or cash tips, just to be able to chat with you or to show their appreciation for your beautiful feet!


Ways you make money from your high quality feet pictures and videos on Feetify

Even though you will be posting high quality pictures and videos here, you will make money from the buyers because:

  • They will pay for your customized feet pictures
  • They will pay for your customized feet videos
  • They will pay just to be able to message you
  • They will pay just to be able to live chat with you
  • They will give you cash gifts
  • They will give you cash tips
  • ETC

All these can now be possible on FEETIFY.

That’s why you should create the right first impression when you join by posting your high quality feet pictures or even videos.

So, yes, you make a LOT more money from these buyers when they pay you for more than just your pictures! But they will only spend money on you if you post high quality pictures that get them interested, to begin with.

Feetify can also PAY YOU EACH MONTH, if you post high quality feet pictures and videos


Why Feetify Pays Some Members every month

All premium members who post their high quality pictures and/or videos every month get them added to our special “featured members” page. This page contains the best of the best from Feetify.

Apart from premium members, some free members can still be considered for this, if they post high quality pictures and videos.

As a free or premium member, if your pictures and/or videos are high quality, they will be added to this page, every month.

We promote this page to buyers every single day, to get many of them to connect with you, pay to message or chat with you and most likely buy your customized pictures and/or videos. But if none buys from you, we pay you just for being featured on this page.

This ensures you can still make money from Feetify every single month, if no buyer buys your customized pictures or videos… if you spend time to get active and post high quality feet pictures and/or videos.


Requirements and Examples of High Quality Feet Pictures

Below are some requirements and examples of the type of high quality feet pictures you should be posting, to get the best results:


Basic Requirements from one of our Main Buyers:

1. A defined Transverse Arch and an equally defined metatarsal arch (a/k/a known as “the ball of the foot”) and ideally, a “cut” (well defined) heel.

2. A 3:2 ratio between the width of the “ball” of the foot and width of the heel.

3. Toes that appear as “lollipops with stems.”


Requirements for taking your pictures: 

1. Toe nails painted with solid bold colors (for contrast).
Red, Black, Blue, green, etc.

2. A natural soiling of the soles is very important.

This is achieved by wearing open sandals or flip-flops, all day, or wearing even closed shoes with dyed leather.

It can also be achieved by going barefoot around the house or studio.

Natural soiling enhances contrast and yields a definition.

Note: Not dirty or sandy feet, but smooth feet that are naturally soiled.

Again, you can simply achieve this “natural soiling” by walking around the house or wearing flip-flops all day to get your feet soiled, before taking the pictures.

4. It’s a good idea to take the pictures outside and/or in the afternoon.

Color temperature is important and taking your pictures in the afternoon, with natural light helps with this.

If you can’t take the pictures outside and in the afternoon, then use halogen lighting as it gives real flesh tones as opposed to incandescent, LED, flourescent, or other light sources.

You can simply go to home depot and replace the lightbulb in your table lamp with one that is halogen. That will make a huge difference – a foot would look like human flesh as opposed to lifeless chicken skin.

The only thing better than halogen is sunlight itself. The sun emits a light that contains halogen plus many other types of light. Even when the sky is overcast, near dusk or clouded with rain clouds, natural sunlight is superior, even shining through a window.

5. When taking your pictures, try to display: “open-foot” – (foot forward toes back). 

That kind of flexing shows forth all the arches and reduces wrinkles.

It’s up to your photographer/smartphone picture taker to shoot at the angles which display your feet in all their magnificence. Smart phone cameras nowadays have great lenses and 12 megapixel iris – so smart phone vs camera is no excuse. Most smartphones are as good as conventional cameras.

Once again, “open foot” is very important and it’s simply your feet forward toes back, toes spread or unspread.

Stretching the toes backward (such as on the ground, heel up, reveals the metatarsal arch, transverse arch, and makes the heel stand out.)


30+ Samples To IMITATE or COPY

Below are the samples that fit all the above descriptions.




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