Why & How to Upgrade to Premium Seller

You get a lot MORE from Feetify as a PREMIUM SELLER, especially because Feetify is now the MOST ACTIVE platform with thousands of real buyers and sellers participating constantly.

Feet lovers and buyers looking to chat, date or just buy feet pictures/videos are finding and joining this platform on a daily basis and you can connect with them anytime.

Don’t believe us? You don’t have to.

Simply search Google or any other search engines yourself right now and you will see this site on the first page for for “feet pics”, “feet pictures”, “buy feet pics”, “buy feet pictures” and many other keywords that feet lovers & BUYERS use to find beautiful FEET.

MANY MANY potential buyers are joining Feetify from these searches and from other promotions we do on a daily basis.

As a PREMIUM SELLER, you can see such members joining Feetify and can connect & chat with them to DATE and/or SELL, depending on what you want to do.

Below are just some of the many BENEFITS of becoming a PREMIUM SELLER:

  • Feetify PAYS the most active premium sellers every month who post the best quality feet pictures/videos, if no buyer does!
  • You can add unlimited number of your feet pictures
  • You can add unlimited number of your feet videos
  • Your pictures and/or videos won’t be deleted if/when others are
  • Your profile can be viewed by all buyers
  • Your feet pictures/videos can be viewed by all buyers
  • You can see and contact buyers directly
  • You can receive messages from all buyers
  • You can reply to all messages from all buyers
  • You can receive cash gifts from buyers 
  • You can sell your customized feet pictures to all buyers
  • You can sell your customized feet videos to all buyers
  • You can get your profile/pictures rotating as “featured” on homepage
  • You can be among those “featured” on our ads on big sites, for increased exposure!
  • You get much faster response from Feetify support team if/when they have questions or issues
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY, Feetify REALLY PAYS the most active premium sellers every month who post their best quality feet pictures/videos, if no buyer does!

It’s worth repeating – yes – we REALLY PAY YOU every month if you are among the most active and post your highest quality pictures and/or videos… if no one buys from you!


Why Feetify Pays Top Premium Members every month

All premium members who post their high quality pictures and/or videos every month AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY to get them added to our special “featured members” page. This page contains the best of the best from Feetify.

If you are active every month and the pictures and/or videos you post are high quality, they will be added to this page, every month.

We promote this page to buyers every single day, to get many of them to connect with you, pay to message or chat with you and most likely buy your customized pictures and/or videos.

But here’s where we up the ante….

If no feet lover buys from you nor rewards you with cash each month that your pictures/videos are featured on this page, we pay you just for being featured!

This ensures you can still make money from Feetify every single month, if no buyer buys your customized pictures or videos!

To qualify for this you simply you spend time each month to get active and post high quality feet pictures and/or videos.

This way you not only get quality buyers interested enough to buy customized versions from you, it also makes you one of those that Feetify pays every month.



Below are the payment options to upgrade to premium membership

[WE ARE SORRY BUT WE HAVE REACHED PREMIUM-SELLER CAPACITY FOR NOW. We will update this page when that changes.]