$1,000 to $10,000+ Ca$h Awards Monthly

Feetify is the only platform that REWARDS foot models with actual CASH AWARDSevery single month, just for been active!

Instead of giving digital awards or mere badges that you can’t do anything with, we are currently giving $1,000 to $10,000+ cash awards EVERY SINGLE MONTH, to models who are most active and who post great quality pictures and/or videos!

Each cash award per model starts at $10, $20, $50 and even $100+ per model, depending on the quality of your participation and uploads each month.

This is our way of supporting models who are actively engaging and posting quality picture and/or videos, whether you get paid by foot lovers and buyers here or not.


Who Can Participate 

As at right now, only PREMIUM models are eligible for these cash awards. This may change in future but for now, only premium members are eligible.

This way we SUPPORT and REWARD our premium models by ensuring premium models who are active can get cash awards from Feetify itself, whether they sell directly to foot lovers and buyers or not.

So, yes, if you don’t get paid by foot lovers and buyers here each month, you WILL GET PAID CASH BY FEETIFY, if you are among the most active!

If you are not yet a premium member, you can upgrade here.


How To Participate 

Simply get active on Feetify in terms of engaging/communicating with potential buyers and most importantly – posting great quality pictures and/or videos.


How To Increase your odds of winning 

  • Adhere to the rules of Feetify
  • Recommend Feetify to others
  • Be kind and polite in your communication with others, especially potential foot lovers and buyers
  • Be active on a daily basis (or as often as you can)
  • Post great quality pictures and/or videos, consistently


Other Benefits of Participating 

Yes, there are other benefits of participating for these cash awards, beyond just the money you can get paid each month. These include:

  • You get extra exposure on the special page for those who have received these awards
  • You can get featured on Feetify’s homepage, to get extra exposure, at no extra cost
  • You get actual foot lovers and buyers to notice you enough to pay for your customized pictures and/or videos
  • You get actual foot lovers and buyers to notice you enough to give you cash awards themselves