See & Contact Buyers

Here’s the special page to see and contact buyers, but ONLY PREMIUM MEMBERS can access the page.

[[If you have already upgraded and have been activated, the page will open for you when you click on it.]]

Of course you don’t need to upgrade to post your pictures/videos but upgrading gives you a lot more power as a member, especially allowing you to be seen by lots of potential buyers!

When you upgrade and click this special page, you will be able to see actual BUYERS who have joined and are interested in PAYING money to sellers like YOU to chat and even buy YOUR customized feet pictures and/or videos.

When you upgrade, we also give you access to our special 20+ page welcome guide to help you get the best from contacting and really selling to buyers, right here on Feetify.

When you upgrade, you will also be able to CONTACT some of the buyers right here. And of course you will be able to REPLY to messages they send you.

You will also be able to add them as FRIENDS right here and they will be alerted each time.

Also, when you upgrade, we help you handle the payments you receive from buyers, thereby keeping your privacy safe. Buyers pay you through Feetify and you receive your payment without revealing your personal details to buyers.

We create the payment links for you and put them on your profile page, for buyers to use in either giving you cash gifts, paying for your customized pictures or paying for your customized videos. They just need to click one button from your profile page (or even from the Featured Sellers page), to make payments to you.

MOST IMPORTANTLY,  when you upgrade you can also be one of those that Feetify pays each month for posting high quality pictures and/or videos, if no one buys from you.

For more ADVANTAGES of upgrading, click—> Why and How To Upgrade to Premium Member <—


P.S. If you were one of those who bought our list in the past, you are entitled to this upgrade for free. Simply contact us through the first email we sent you after your purchase and we will upgrade you for free!