How To Use Feetify

It’s very easy to use Feetify. In fact, it’s so easy you can figure things out yourself from your profile page.

If you are struggling though, below are some quick guides and screenshots for the most important aspects of using Feetify:

VERY IMPORTANT – The first thing you should do is POST YOUR GOOD QUALITY FEET PICTURES and/or VIDEOS, to get things going. You don’t have to upgrade to premium member to post pictures/videos, so make sure you do that as soon as you can.

Also, make sure you put up a good quality profile picture of your face (or feet) if you want to get good results. Only those with a profile picture get featured and promoted to buyers. If you don’t put a good profile picture of your face (or feet), you reduce the chances of making a good connection with buyers.

Keep reading to learn more about using Feetify, to get the best results:


Using Feetify: How To Get Access To Your Profile Page

You can click the “Profile” link at the top or bottom of any page you are on, when logged in. This will take you to your profile page, where you can:

  • Edit your profile
  • Add your profile picture
  • Upload your feet pictures
  • Upload your feet videos
  • ETC


Using Feetify: How To Add/Edit Your Profile Details and Picture

Move your mouse to your profile name/picture on the top right of the page –> then to the “profile” link —> then to any of the options thereafter, to either:

  • View your profile
  • Edit your profile
  • Change your Profile photo
  • Change your Cover Image


How Do I Upload Pictures/Videos To My Picture/Media Section and Timeline?

We have 2 different ways for uploading pictures/videos, in case one of them doesn’t work for you.

1. Use the “Photos” link in your profile page and upload your pictures.

While there you can create an “Album” first to post your pictures in the album or upload your pictures directly. Simply click the “Add Photos” when on the page, to add your photos. This only allows you to upload pictures though, not videos.

2. Use the “Media” link in your profile page and upload your pictures and/or videos. 

With this you can also first create an “album” to upload your pictures/videos in, or just upload them directly. Simply click the “Upload” button and upload your pictures or videos.

If the files you are uploading are quite big, it will take a while to upload. Just be patient while the upload happens.


How Do I send Pictures/Videos Privately To Buyers?

If you are a premium member everything is in the welcome page we sent you when we upgraded you, including exactly how to send pictures/videos to buyers and much more.

In case you didn’t read it thoroughly, please check the first email we sent you, when we upgraded you. The link to this welcome page is right there and it contains all the answers to questions you might have.

As for the specific instruction on how to send pictures/videos to buyers, please read this:

–> How To Send Pictures/Videos Privately To Buyers

(UPDATE: You can now add pictures directly when sending a message to buyers!)



Using Feetify: How To Make Sure You Don’t Miss Our Emails

If you are using Gmail you might be missing our email if you don’t add our email address to your contact list. To do this, simply open the email in your spam or bulk folder –> then hover your mouse to the sender name, Feetify –> then click on the blue words “Add to Contacts” as in the below screenshot:



That will whitelist our email address and ensure you get all future emails from Feetify.


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