Why & How to Upgrade to Premium Buyer

You get a lot MORE from Feetify as a PREMIUM BUYER, especially because Feetify is now the MOST ACTIVE platform with thousands of real sellers participating constantly.

Those with beautiful feet looking to chat, date or just sell feet pictures/videos are finding and joining this platform on a daily basis and you can connect with them anytime.

Don’t believe us? You don’t have to.

Simply search any of the main search engines yourself right now and you will see this site on the first page for for “feet pics”, “feet pictures”, “sell feet pics”, “sell feet pictures” and many other keywords that those who have beautiful feet are using to find others who will appreciate their beautiful FEET.

MANY MANY members with beautiful feet are joining Feetify from these searches and from other promotions we do on a daily basis.



Not yet convinced, read on below, to see more benefits of becoming a premium member!

As a PREMIUM BUYER, you can see such members joining Feetify and can connect & chat with them to DATE and/or BUY, depending on what they and you want to do.

Below are just some of the many BENEFITS of becoming a PREMIUM BUYER:

  • You can view all profiles of sellers.
  • You can add any of the sellers as “friends”.
  • You can view all feet pictures/videos of sellers.
  • You can receive messages from all sellers.
  • You can reply to all messages from all sellers.
  • You can give ca$h gift$ to sellers directly.
  • You can buy customized feet pictures from sellers.
  • You can buy customized feet videos from sellers.
  • Your profile will be promoted on our special “Featured sellers” page.
  • You get much faster response from Feetify support team if/when you have questions or issues.
  • And most importantly, you can search all thousands of members for exactly what you want, within seconds:
    • You can search by Age (between x and x age)
    • You can search by Gender (male or female)
    • You can search by Location (City/Country)
    • You can search by feet type/size
    • ETC

Feetify Handles Payments From You To Sellers To Keep Your Privacy Safe

Also, when you upgrade, we help you handle the payments you send to sellers, whether as gifts or payments for customized pics/vids, thereby keeping your privacy safe. You pay through Feetify and you receive what you have paid for without revealing your personal details to sellers.

Apart from keeping your privacy safe, this ensures you don’t get “cheated” by not getting what you paid for.

Only premium members currently enjoy this feature!



Pay through Cryptocurrency to PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY and get more months for free, for same amount.

Your crypto purchase will get you 12 months PREMIUM ACCESS but if you are active on Feetify and treat other buyers and sellers rightly, behave rightly, etc, we can extend your premium membership to 24 months, for free.

Paying through CASH APP with Cryptocurrency ensures that NO ONE WILL KNOW YOUR REAL NAME OR DETAILS, not even us. That gives you COMPLETE PRIVACY. You only provide your email address when paying with Cryptocurrency.


Yes, you can pay through CASHAPP with Cryptocurrency and that PROTECTS YOUR PRIVACY as you don’t have to provide your private information; you only provide your email address.

Paying with Cryptocurrency is the BEST WAY TO PROTECT YOURSELF while buying feet pics/videos, unlike paying with credit/debit card as with credit/debit card your real name, address, etc are always revealed by the card companies, even if you don’t want them revealed.

Also, as a premium buyer we will allow you to give our models 100% of payments. Yes, unlike other platforms like Onlyfans where models only get 80% of the payments you give them with Feetify they get 100% of all payments you give them! This obviously makes them happier… and makes them go above and beyond, to also make you happy with their delivery of what you pay for.

Again, make sure you put your correct Feetify account email address when when making the payment, as we will reach out to you using the email you put in and we will upgrade your account using this email address.